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All products are developed in close consultation with you to create a customized plan to meet your specific needs.

1. Faculty and Administrative Team Training: A top risk management issue is training -- if your team is not trained, then you may as well not have risk management practices in place.  Educate your faculty and leaders on preferred industry practices in emergency and crisis response, medical management issues, mental health "first response," supervision issues, mandated reporter, managing accidents, international and domestic travel risk management, relevant industry standards, and other key topics.  Training will be tailored to your school's specific needs.  (See below for more faculty training opportunities.)

2. Risk Management Audit
of all off-campus programming including international travel, wilderness programming, and field trips.  See below right for more detail.

The value of an external review/audit.

3. Risk Management Consulting Package -- Annual Retainer (See column to the right for details)

4. Program Design: We can work with you and your faculty and staff to design or improve curriculum, logistics, and overall experiential program offerings.

5. Manual, form, and document writing and creation: A good program has clear and accessible written plans and solid record-keeping.  We can assess your needs in this area based on industry practices and write or enhance a  program manual including documentation and forms.

6. Crisis Response Planning and Crisis Plan Review: Do you know the difference between emergency and crisis response planning?  Do you have a plan in place to respond to the myriad of issues that arise when your community faces a crisis? Such a plan would include first and emergency response, assignment of responsibilities, staff/faculty training, information technology considerations, media and community resources plan, and social media policies.

7. Faculty/Staff Training and Education: A risk management plan must cover and be grounded in thorough training of your staff.  We offer the following training topics for your faculty or staff (If you have another topic you'd like covered, ask!):
  • Training Your Staff to Be Risk Managers: the general principles of effective management of risk for experiential, off-campus, trip and travel programming; perfect for educating your school faculty or summer camp staff
  • International and Global Travel: international travel considerations for developing and developed countries; perfect for faculty taking students abroad
  • Emotional and Social Risk: Are your faculty and staff trained and ready to identify this prevalent area of risk in your experiential programs?  Are they equipped to appropriately manage a situation that may arise in your off-campus programs, away from the resources of school or camp? Are they capable of making evacuation decisions in this area of risk?
  • Wilderness Risk Management Principles: backcountry or remote wilderness skills (backpacking, hiking, camping; mountain, desert, river)
  • Crisis Response Planning
  • other

8. Webinars: The training topics above can be presented in a webinar format.  Please inquire.

9. Conference and Meeting Keynote speaking.  Please inquire.

Risk Management Consulting Package -- Annual Retainer

Services Include
  • 15 hours of consultation -- on-call for phone/email consultation for program planning and preparation, risk management/crisis response, industry standards, wilderness/global travel/experiential issues, etc.
  • 1 half-day or 3 one-hour training sessions (students, faculty, staff, board, etc.).  Topics might include general risk management training, emergency procedures, crisis management, and global considerations.  (Must occur on one day on campus; travel expenses are client responsibility.)
  • Review of one manual/handbook or up to five individual documents, providing feedback on content, omissions, suggested additions, etc.
Contact Ann McCollum for more details.  505.255.2650 or
A Risk Management Audit includes . . .

Program Assessment -- Where are you now?
  • Review of all written documents, forms, manuals, and publications, including a review of releases/waivers and program descriptions
  • Review of program protocols and processes including off-campus emergency plans, transportation protocols, staff training and evaluation, first aid and medical processes, and trip planning steps
  • Faculty/Staff/Student interviews
  • Campus Visit
  • Inspection of Relevant Equipment/Gear
Evaluation -- What do you need?

Written Report -- thorough and detailed report including observations and recommendations.  What next?

Follow-up Support, Consultation, Education
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